Competent architect and interior designer. The founder and creative director of the Design Factory bureau are based in Shanghai and Kosice SK.         With а widespread international expertise in leading projects in Europe, China, and Australia. While living in Shanghai, I built a collaborative network for foreign architects and designers that  developed  into  a  Design Factory  and  accomplished  multiple  projects  in the  region  in  the  fields  of   architecture, landscape ,        hospitality ,         office         design ,          residential ,         and        product.
Highly  efficient in managing work  on construction sites,  collaborating  with and control of contractors,       time     management      of      construction      process,     and      budgeting.
Constantly improving and upgrading  design skills,  experimenting  with  new  technologies and materials to master the outcome.
 I strongly believe in the  power  of  human  communication  and  relationships  as  the  only basement to success.

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